IBM i Test Automation

A Revolution in Software Development has taken place since the arrival of Agile Methods first put forward in 2001. Agile software development describes a methodology that iteratively builds requirements and solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams. This can euphemistically be stated as learn fast, fail fast, iterate, and improve. 

DevOps is the current evolution of these agile methodologies which has caused operation and development silos to collaborate to achieve a continuous delivery of changes. Many companies now deliver hundreds of changes daily and that is a lot of testing, especially regression testing. Without highly sophisticated but easy to use test tools this increased level of high-quality testing is simply impossible to achieve or would be cost prohibitive if done by humans.

Automated Testing for IBM i

TestBench is a comprehensive Test Management Suite for IBM i. Develop test scripts, playback recordings, input data and automate unit, functional or, regression testing. Our intelligent solution will identify changes not specifically being tested so nothing is left to chance. Grow your test scripts and drive quality with our unique no-code test automation. 

Integrate to any application and all systems to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in your DevOps tool chain.

 "With the deadline rapidly approaching, it was imperative that we were ready on time and with zero defects. Using TestBench saved us time and got us there faster, giving us complete confidence for the future."​ IT Director

Test Drive

When your test levels grow, and you really need to ensure quality at the speed of business use TestDrive. A unique group of features designed to simplify test management, automatically cope with screen changes (self-healing), automate testing with no-code technology and cover all technologies. Test SAP, M3, INFOR and more on browser, green-screen, batch and interactive. 

Open integration standards mean you can slot TestBench and TestDrive into your DevOps tool chain, for example to rapidly deploy new software if all tests pass.  

Built for IBM i

Unique features crafted over decades of IBM i software testing support include testing interfaces for: Batch programs, API’s, Program calls, Parameters, MQ, Data Queues and Reporting.

In addition, our comprehensive toolset provides complete management of: Data extraction, data masking, test database management, and data validation. 

Test Automation

The greatest challenge with Automated Test Tools (ATT) is knowing what to automate, choosing the wrong targets can prove costly may even detract from your overall test quality. At i400Hub we have the experience to know what to automate and have decades of experience in IBM i software, support, and development. Best uses if Test Automation is on repeatable and repetitive tests for example regression testing. Ensuring nothing has broken helps drive quality and confidence. Some manual testing is good so do not try to automate everything. The value to development teams is huge when done properly, these include: Run more tests without increasing costs, Increase the scope of coverage, Find the hard-to-detect defects earlier, when they are easier to fix and Improve Software Quality. 

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