IBM i Utilities

Tim Berners-Lee (the Father of the Internet) saw the possibility of using hyperlinks to connect any information to any other information over the Internet. Hyperlinks are one of the core components of the World Wide Web and fundamental to most web applications. 


Imagine you are viewing a Customer Enquiry on a traditional green-screen IBM i application, roll over a customer number and a contract appears. Roll over an invoice number and the invoice appear. Documents are retrieved from wherever they exist on your network or Cloud.


Imagine bringing this level of connectedness to your IBM i Applications without going through a complete screen scraping or green screen GUI modernization project. Impossible?


It is easy with LinkIt technology from VRTech.

LinkIT Integration

The clever people at VRTech have created technology that enables you to link green screen data directly into any other software application for example CRM software. Instantly display Customer Details, Invoices, Payment history, Previous Orders from any application. No coding required, no application changes, up and running in an hour! Hyper-connectivity DONE.   

Cloud (5250) Emulation

Secure access to green screens normally requires VPN’s. With GS Emulation and an Emulation Server you can securely access your systems from any device from anywhere.


No client installs, no client configuration or upgrades this is a revolution on access to green screens. Built in print-to-PDF, Macro’s, and File Transfer.  

Built for IBM i

It is estimated that 500 million people use Microsoft Excel. Various techniques exist to extract data from IBM i and import to Excel but they are all clunky at best. With ExcelIt from VRTech you install a small component on IBM i and on a Windows Server. 

Securely define the data that is downloadable, create on-off or regular imports direct to Excel, automatically email reports and, update based on batch schedules.

ExcelIt combines the best database in the world with the best spreadsheet in the world.  

Connected Intelligence for IBM i

There is little doubt that countries with better infrastructure are benefiting disproportionately from the interconnectedness we know as the Internet. As Bill Gates discussed in “Business at the Speed of Thought” it is the near instant connectivity that enables faster decisions, better decisions, and growth.

VRTech have captured the essence of the World Wide Web and non-invasive (no-code) technology that brings hyper textuality to green screen IBM i. Users can have everything at their fingertips from contracts, to invoices and packing notes to distribution schedules. 

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