Access a deeper IBM i talent pool, unrestricted by geography. We have the right IBM i technology skill set for you, whether remote, locally, or on the opposite side of the world.


Interim/Temporary Recruitment – We all know that workloads spike from time to time, employees unexpectedly are out, projects hit issues or deadlines draw closure. i400hub.com have you covered. Our network of IBM i talented individuals and teams can quickly come in and get the work done by alleviating delivery pains and closing your resource gaps.


Full Time Employees – We know the world of technology has changed how companies like yours engage with their FTE’s. Remote working has now become the norm. How do your HR departments engage with skilled IBM i talent globally, do they understand the nuances of this wonderful technology? Here at i400hub.com we supply our clients with a truly global technology pool of permanent IBM i candidates. We know exactly who is available, where they are based and their special IBM i skill set. So, whether you are looking for remote or on-site FTE’s, here at i400hub.com we have them at our fingertips. 


Project Teams – Sometimes, your internal resources are busy with other important projects, and you need to scale quickly to respond to the needs of the business. Here at i400hub.com we have teams of IBM i developers in the US and UK along with our own internal certified Project Managers who can alleviate that pressure.