IBM i Automation

Automate and integrate Power Systems jobs and workloads across the enterprise from a single point-of-control. 


Seamlessly integrate IBM i with Cloud, Windows, Linux, AIX, other IBM i systems and even Mainframes without requiring OS specific knowledge or skills.


Drive automation via a simple Self-service interface and be alerted when a workflow is predicted to not finish on time. Whether you are evolving time-based schedules into event-based schedules or automating common operational and application processes OpCon will scale to any level and deliver rapid ROI. Your Operators and Administrators will become Automation Controllers overnight and the operations backlog will disappear.


Manage your workflows and job streams across all server environments from a single screen. Interact with jobs on any platform, answer messages and adjust schedules dynamically. All from OpCon, no need to sign on to systems and no need for specialist skills. This is amazing technology and perfect for fully automating Role Swaps and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs).

Quote: European Bank running OpCon – “Since automating with OpCon we have remained at a constant Operator level but grown 6-fold! Furthermore, our auditing is completed in 2 hours whereas it used to take a month.”

Self Service

Trigger workflows such as on-boarding, running reports, pricing updates, payment runs and other common operations procedures with a self-service interface freeing up Operators and IT staff to build more workflows. 

A large OpCon customer has over 1000 self-service buttons which has reduced calls into IT Support by 160k! 

An advanced IBM i Agent

OpCon’s IBM i agent has been designed by IBM i experts and runs on hundreds of LPARs. OpCon manages millions of jobs worldwide and integrates IBM i and non-IBM i workloads in perfect harmony.

Elapsed time between jobs can be as little as a few seconds and complex dependencies can be easily built in for maximum control.

Operator Replay can repeat a precise set of keystrokes. Monitor and answer messages and build scripts, create jobs in SAP, M3 and other applications with everything integrated across system boundaries.


A large banking customer reduced their IT audits from 4 weeks to 2 days because of OpCon!

Integrating and Automating IBM i Workflows with OpCon

IBM i is famous for its ability to Integrate workloads, why then do IBM i Operations and Admin very often get siloed? Why are IBM i workloads siloed?

The answer, that IBM i folk love to hear is that we are special and thanks to the passion of Dr Frank Soltis the IBM i is special but in today’s IT landscape being siloed can be a death sentence.

IBM i Schedulers can trigger workloads or interactions outside of the system, hence the growth of middleware and messaging agents, but when a batch job finishes, and you need to trigger a Cloud-based pricing update you want that update immediately. IBM i Operators regular stream jobs for efficient processing so why not extend this to non-IBM i workloads as well?

With OpCon IBM i Operations staff can fully integrate and control jobs running on Windows, Linux, AIX, Unix, Mainframe and in the Cloud as easily as they would on IBM i. Operators do not even need to logon to those systems and can control and manage jobs remotely. The ability to orchestrate workload across all platforms is incredibly powerful, call us to learn how a strong IBM i agent within OpCon provides access to all job parameters, full message management, dynamic variables, multi-step job scripting, operator reply and much more. 

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